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Practical Astrophotography magazine reaches the largest audience of Astrophotography enthusiasts in the world. This  magazine providesarticles on the science of astrophotography, imaging, how-to's and product reviews all written in a clear and understandable form. Practical Astrophotography features stunning photography, well illustrated articles and beautifully designed pages creating a perfect environment to showcase your business.

Practical Astrophotography and readers are willing and able to purchase the items needed to support their astrophotography interests. They are excited to learn about your products or services. Find out how easy it is to reach this active audience.

Reader Analytics

Practical Astrophotography is your best option for reaching customers interested in buying astrophotography equipment. Our analytics are advertiser verifiable and are never inflated. We give you 100% transparency so you don't waste your marketing efforts.



Practical Astrophotography has been seen by readers in 29 countries.


Digital subscribers

Since its inception a little over 4 months ago we have received over 9700 subscibers to the all digital magazine.


Monthly page views

our readers continue to come back to read the magazine over and over with the website generating over 28K page views on average each month.

$ 250

Quarter Page Ad

Full Color 1/4 page Advertisement in the Digital Publication.

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Full Color 1/2 page Advertisement in the Digital Publication.

$ 1000

Full Page Ad

Full Color Full  page Advertisement in the Digital Publication and on the website.



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